Anti-Debris Water Intake Grate

  • If you’re frequently beaching or wading out in shallow water, the Anti-Debris Water Intake Grate Box is a must. Its narrow grating keeps debris larger than 0.39" (10 mm) from entering and causing damage to the jet pump assembly and cooling system. Beyond that, you’ll avoid any damage to your impeller and wear ring. Please note that this accessory may cause your ride performance to diminish slightly.

  • Protects jet pump assembly and cooling system by blocking rocks and debris larger than 0.39” (10 mm). Helps avoid damage and premature wear of the impeller and the wear ring. Also helps reduce algae accumulation. Recommended if watercraft usage includes frequent beaching or shallow and swift water riding. Expect a slight performance reduction.

    GTI, GTS and WAKE (2011-2019)