PowerFlip Windshield – Maverick X3

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  • The powerFlip windshield is most advanced windshield that fits the Maverick X3. Designed and developped alongside the vehicle, this windshield can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions thanks to the electric cylinders that move the hardcoated polycarb from fully closed to fully open. It has never been easier to adjust the windshield to just the right position to maximise air circulation and protection from the elements. Combine the top of the range windshield with a wiper specific to the hardcoat coating to make it the ultimate trail windshield.

  • The PowerFlip Windshield is equipped with electric cylinders that allow the rider to adjust the windshield opening at the touch of a button. Windshield is made of hardcoated polycarbonate with a rubber seal contour and a tinted top section. Allows you to quickly adapt to changing conditions by adjusting the windshield as you go. Can be fully opened for optimal visibility and ventilation, fully closed for maximum protection from the elements, and in between, you have an infinite number of opening possibilities depending on protection, visibility and air flow preferences. Compatible with Can-Am roofs.