ProVent Roof Module Kit

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  • Provides fresh air into the cab area. Optimal performance with full cab enclosure. 4 vents provide infinite adjustment of air flow for driver and passenger. Filter and pre-filter to limit dust intrusion. Easy cleaning of filter and pre-filter. Patent pending water management system to keep water out of cabin while maintaining air flow. Outer plug closes air intake completely for winter or heavy weather. Requires ProVent Roof Module Adapter Kit for Sport Roof (715006199 for Maverick X3, 715006371 for Maverick X3 MAX and 715005213 for Maverick Sport and Maverick Trail). No requirement for Can-Am Aluminum roof. Not compatible with roof mounted LED bars, roof racks, roof liners, Bimini Roof, DragonFire roof and Lonestar Racing Aluminum Roof.