Ski and X Package Module


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Product Code: 295100857
  • Speed is a must when it comes to towing waterskiiers and wakeboarders. The Ski And X Package Module delivers on that, and then some. Choose from different preset acceleration curves to achieve a perfect launch and steady tow speed everytime. Its user-friendly interface on gauge makes it easy to use. This boasts a simple plug-in connection. Standard on Switch Sport models. Includes hardware necessary for installation.

  • One module that includes both Ski and X Package functions: Activates ski mode: Offers a choice of different preset acceleration curves for perfect launch every time when towing a skier or wakeboarder, plus steady tow speed. Activates X package functions on gauge. See X package module description to find out what are the X features that it unlocks on your vehicle. User-friendly interface on gauge. Simple plug-in connection.  Includes hardware necessary for installation. Standard on Switch Sport models.