Ski-Doo Pyra X-Team Edition Helmet (DOT/ECE)


Product Code: Ski-Doo Pyra X-Team Edition Helmet (DOT/ECE)
  • Chase the thrills in our flagship Pyra Helmet, now available with subtle and traditional X-Team design aesthetics. The Pyra X-Team Edition Helmet is built to protect your head no matter the conditions. This DOT/ECE 2206-certified, lightweight snowmobile helmet features an advanced plastic composite shell and a rotational impact-absorbing system for added protection. Hi-max air vents at the front and rear let you maximize cool airflow, while a removable wind deflector keeps it out of your eyes. After a high-intensity day on the snowmobile, the moisture-wicking liner is removable and washable, so you feel fresh every time you gear up.

  • 4-year limited warranty. Advanced plastic composite shell with rotational impact absorbing system (ERT). Adjustable peak system. Removable wind deflector Front and rear hi-max air vent system to maximize cooling. Removable, washable and replaceable moisture-wicking liner. Lightweight double-D chin strap. Weight: ±1310 grams for size Large. DOT/ECE 2206 certified.

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